Sedating a shark in the wild platinumdatingdirect com

Tank water must be treated or filtered or both to avoid health problems for the animals, although they may still suffer from bacterial and fungal infections that can be deadly.

Other species, such as fish, invertebrates, and sea vegetation, cannot survive these treatments, so display tanks are as empty as hotel swimming pools.

Baby wobbegongs eat like their adults do, according to Cathleen Bester of the Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department: "When unsuspecting fish comes within reach, the tasselled wobbegong pulls its jaws apart and literally sucks the prey into its mouth where the needlelike teeth pierce its flesh, giving no chance for escape." Freshwater sharks, however, have no teeth and therefore have a different diet.

Rainbow sharks, red-tailed sharks and bala sharks are omnivores in that they will eat anything that comes into the tank and require varied diets including: Dondi Ratliff is a certified secondary English teacher in Texas.

Cetaceans are housed in small enclosures, unable to swim in a straight line for long or dive deeply.

Sometimes they are housed alone without opportunities for socialization, or they are forced to live with incompatible animals and even species with whom they would not naturally have close contact.

Echolocation is their main sensory system and they use sound to find mates, migrate, communicate, forage, nurse, care for young, and escape predators.Echolocation is rarely used, as a tank offers no novelties or challenges to explore.Cetaceans are in artificial environments that are sterile or lack stimulation.All three of these species require space in an aquarium; 150 gallons is not unheard of for the bala shark with its desire to school.Shark babies such as the wobbegong will need enough room for their 4-foot-long bodies to be comfortable, while epaulette shark babies are content with smaller, safer aquarium confines.

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