Sccm collection membership not updating

Although the default client settings in Configuration Manager apply to all devices and all users, you can create custom client settings that apply to a collection of devices or a collection of users.For example, if you want remote control to be available on all but a few devices, configure the default client settings to allow remote control and then configure custom client settings that do not allow remote control, and deploy those to the collection of exceptional clients.You could use this collection for operations such as configuring Endpoint Protection settings, configuring device power management settings, or installing the Configuration Manager client.You can create a collection of all computers that do not have Microsoft Office 2013 installed and then deploy it to all computers in that collection.

Membership is restricted to those mobile devices that are successfully assigned to a site or discovered by the Exchange Server connector.

I have explained how to create static and dynamic collections in the previous posts.

In this post, I will help you to learn how to create an AD Group Based SCCM Collection.

Collections that you have recently viewed appear in the Users node and in the Devices node in the Assets and Compliance workspace.

Here are some examples of collection use: You can create collections that group resources based on your organization's hierarchy.

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