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His family had no money to support his dance education, and Ramasar relied exclusively on scholarships to pay his tuition.His first years at the School of American Ballet were difficult.I like to mentally prepare and start working on the steps earlier.It makes me calmer, so it’s not a huge surprise when I have to start rehearsing something and we only have two weeks to do it. Last season, it was a lot of Tchaikovsky and a lot of big, power stuff. This season, it’s not so high-level stress as It’s all over the place. It keeps you fresh and on your toes, no pun intended.We were trying to find something that was specifically wrong, and we could not find it.

When Ramasar was 10 years old, he impressed a music teacher in his public school with his creative talents. Because his parents worked full-time, Ramasar learned to take the New York City Subway from his home in the South Bronx to the studio on the Lower East Side, and rode public transit to get to the daily rehearsals.

And I did find a very good sports therapist–chiropractor that I go to once a week now, and that was a huge turning point.

He helped me evaluate my body and told me a few specific things that I have to do every day to make sure that none of this happens again. Time Out New York: What do you have to do every day?

I think that’s what’s so great about this company: You can be doing 20 different ballets in one season. I am just so happy to be out there again and to be dancing with my partners and to the music.

Since you’re onstage almost every night, you can explore things in your dancing and still go to really crazy places—just in a different ballet with different steps. Time Out New York: Is there less pressure because you’re not doing the same role three times in one week? I try to eliminate all of that other stuff and know that I’m strong enough and that I’ve worked hard enough to get to this point and that I can get through it. It just depends on what you’ve gone through in your career and how many times you’ve done it and if you trust and you feel comfortable with your partner. I feel like I’ve gone to this place where I’ve danced enough with the partners that I’m dancing with now, and we’re having performances where we come offstage and are like, “Wow.

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    His school years were spent in St Xavier's High School.