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is a group of professional care providers who are committed to helping individuals and families that are experiencing personal, emotional, marital, or psychological problems.

Our integrated, wrap-around approach allows optimal treatment options and efficacy of patient care.

The Winona campus is located on the south end of town, just off the corner of Highways 61 and 43. Sugar Loaf Bluff is just across Highway 43 from the campus.

Are you delaying care because (1) you cannot take the time off to drive 3 hours to see a specialist (2) the wait time to see the specialist is many months away (3) you are afraid of having to leave your family and friends behind or creating another burden on them?

Sound Mind Telepsychiatry provides psychiatric and mental health services to residents of the above States.

Additional resources for finding jobs include: Work Study: Eligible students may have the opportunity to participate in work study programs on campus.

These are part-time jobs that may relate to the student's field of study.

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