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I don’t know what Dan’s preferences are, or even if he has them, but I think he’s like Mojo–he’s okay either way, and he’d love to date Asian women, but they just aren’t there. I know an Asian American guy whom we’ll call Dave who prefers White women physically and is attracted to White women but will only date Asian women seriously. But he does date both White women and Asian women for now. Even though Asian isn’t his primary interest, he still dates Asian and gets snubbed for racial reasons. So one day I took him out for drinks, and after we put back a few, I asked him straight out how it felt to go to work every day surrounded by women who looked like Japanese supermodels. He actually had had a few White girlfriends in the city, despite working late hours. I talked to him about the IR disparity, and he said it was a good thing and that he preferred IR himself. Keep on engaging with Asian women, keep on trying to build up your own talents, keep on trying to be the best person possible because no one else will do it for you.

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(Although we’d also be dating or married to Asian women in even lower numbers than we are today.) HOWEVER… Those “some of you” who can already know you can, and no amount of prodding is going to change things because you already do what you do. She used to be all about China and representing China, now it’s all about representing the (White) Man’s interest. Sure, Asian women don’t know what Asian men go through, but it’s not just about them being like men. There are only three main kinds of Asian men who date interracially. He himself is an artist and has dated both Asian and White women, but White women are usually more open to dating him, maybe in part because he’s a freelancer who is off the beaten Wall Street or tech path.

If you’re an Asian male, look at the picture above, along with the caption. If Asian men could somehow write-off Asian women, a number of positive things would happen.

Do you feel any kind of change in your thinking or emotion? This post comes off of the Jamie Yeo thread, where in the midst of the IR debate, kobukson criticizes some Asian men by writing: Another mistake: making Asian women the focal point of the IR discussion. Kobukson raises a good point, and urb4n and Ma Sir Jones concur (and I thought it would be cool to see how well a one legged man would fare in a butt kicking contest).

Well let’s ask the other question–if White women are the answer, why aren’t White women blogging about Asian male issues?

Keep in mind this is coming from a guy who predominantly dates White women.

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