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We have collected victim letters in the past which were presented at previous congressional meetings, along with anti-scam group letters.We have kept them all and plan to resubmit once the Congressman’s office requests them.

Research with the experts are already in progress and THAT is great and exciting news! He asked that we continue keeping the office up to date on any happenings media wise and reports we may present to the Facebook team.

It’s time for Federal Regulations to make platforms safer.

The Legislative Director (LD) began the phone conference by confirming that the need for change amongst our platforms is gaining more attention on the Hill, especially concerning the 230 Communication Decency Act.

The Legislative Director requested we touch basis in the coming weeks by phone and to follow up in mid-October to schedule a meeting in November while we are in D. We once again reminded the Director that we are always available to help provide any information they may need to move forward in helping to build and polish this law.

We asked if letters from victims (identity theft and scammed) would be beneficial as a show of support for the change in law.

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