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Instead each unique ex bot generates its messages based on content, language, and prior responses to similar message prompts.

Many of the themes that this project presents; ones of computer-mediated communication, online-dating and matched relationships, personalized artificial-intelligence, and even computer romance are more prominent than ever.

, health advice, and marketing, chatbots are being deployed to address the fundamental human need for romantic companionship.

From rudimentary versions of fembots on Tinder to specialized services like AI-powered bots can be both the object of your affection and a tool that helps you find a soulmate.

Run discourse analysis (DA) and topic segmentation and recognition (TSR) on the input. Have a rating system that scores by similarity and use the girl's responses from the highest rated results as source texts. Generate thousands of responses based on source texts.70% of these responses should be taken from the woman's messages with her lover and 30% from her entire corpus.Use DA and TSR on the generated responses and select only the statements that fit the desired response type. Order responses from 3 (somehow) and output the most appropriate one to the user.Even in a highly connected world, you can still be lonely.What’s the point of thousands of contacts on social media if they’ve all friendzoned you?

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