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At one point he cheats on Julie with the cast member who replaced Shauvon, Ashli.

After the series, he graduated from college and became a real estate broker.

As he explains in the season premiere, he has a history of juvenile delinquency, having been put on probation for robbing 15 houses and shooting off fireworks through someone's window.

Given the choice between nine months in jail and a "treatment center", he chose the latter, in order to reevaluate his direction in life.

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One Sport Darling Harbour was a sports-themed venue for hosting a variety of different events, and could accommodate up to 1,100 people.In Episode 8, he reveals that his grandfather tried several times to molest him when he was a child.While attending private school at age 16-17, he was forced to take anger management classes in order to stay at the school.He claims such a premonition in the same episode, before learning of his grandfather's death.Despite his fear of commitment, for her audition video, she stripped down to a T-shirt and panties, on the back of which she had written, "Make it Hott: Pick Me! She is of mixed heritage that includes Italian, Polish and Irish.

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