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Still, I think people will be lining up to wear her figure-flattering collection of aubergine, mustard and plum. Rami: They told him to try something other than draping and what does he do? Tune in to Bravo tonight to see it all for yourselves, then comment below with your take on all the collections..the drama!

During a repeat viewing of the Season 5 premiere via DVR on Tuesday night, I had a revelation.

They both go over to the other room and everyone has a nice reunion and beers. Tim makes a point to namedrop Bluefly because they donated shoes, I guess to avoid a Karasaun thing. Christian smirks that Christian’s clothes are “interesting”, in the way your child’s crappy drawing is “interesting” because you don’t know what it’s supposed to be. I mean, not that you couldn’t tell all season that the judges loved Rami. Final look: long slim black dress with huge wrap, all the front is crocheted and it is awesome. Chris talks about his glamour Goth inspiration and “unexpected materials”. Nina is glad, and for some reason loves the second look, which is the draped look. Maybe because it’s different colors and it‘s not Grecian.

That’s 3 hours you can’t have to work on your own stuff! The quotes from Rami and Chris seem to imply that Chris is more confident than Rami, which tells me that Rami is going to win. His final look is a long black dress with a million pleats and a train. Chris: the black jacket with hair trim that he showed Tim and a beaded skirt. Second look: Halter top with black beading over a skin tone fabric, and the whole skirt is hair. Rami starts out by saying that he wanted to make things that were different outside the show.

Tim reminds them the world will be watching, no pressure or anything. They go all the way back to the apartment roof, where Tim name-drops the product placement champagne. He’s got a tiny apartment and he’s sewing in a room the size of my closet. She’s working from 15th century armor as the basis for her collection. Apparently her mom was told by a psychic that she would have one famous child so her mom pushed her to be awesome. He’s describing sketching in secret, and his brother “walking in” on him, and you can edit out a couple of key words and it’s like his coming out story. Kors loves that he tried, and Nina is so relieved that he didn’t drape everything.Not crazy about the kooky hats on her models, but the clothes.Sweet P: Even though our beloved Sweet P got the boot before the final show in Bryant Park, she still had to make a collection to fool all of you fans out there. It's all gorgeous, of course, and the shining moment is an intricate gold dress that I utterly covet.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site. We were there for the runway shows, so click in for our rundown of what to expect from each of the five designers showing at Bryant Park.

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