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[Scene: Monica and Chandler's, Monica is watching Phoebe play Ms.

I just knocked off all of your top scores, how sad.

Joey: (To Rachel) Do you think he saw us or can we still sneak out?

Opening Credits [Scene: Central Perk, Joey and Rachel are there as Ross enters.] Ross: Hey! I’ve been dying to tell someone what happened in the Palaeontology department today. Joey: I got a big date coming up, do you know a good restaurant?

Gettin’ all dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant.

Joey: You sure are naming a lot of ways to postpone sex, I’ll tell ya… Rachel: Ooh, I miss dating. Joey, you don’t want to go on a date with a pregnant lady. And we’re gonna go out, we’re gonna have a good time, and take your mind off of childbirth and c-sections and-and giant baby heads stretching out… Rachel: (interrupting) Okay!

Phoebe: I got it for your wedding and I ordered it weeks ago, and it finally got here!

(Monica rips open the paper.) Phoebe: It’s a Ms. Monica: Oh well, maybe we can put it in the guest bedroom.

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So I get to see what Joey Tribbiani is like on a date.

(The bell rings.) Okay, that-that’s all for today. Waitress: There’s a side of steamed vegetables. Now, instead of the vegetables, is there anyway I can substitute the three-pound lobster?

U, Ross is teaching a class.] Ross: …which brings us back, of course, to Greely’s theory of dominance. (He throws his jacket towards the coat rack and misses.) I’m sorry I’m a little late. (The bell rings.) So to sum up, I’m Professor Geller. [Scene: A Restaurant, a waitress is taking Joey and Rachel’s dinner order.] Rachel: Now the filet mignon, what comes with that?

Phoebe: I didn’t know where to put it so I just left it here for now. (He goes to push it and it doesn’t move.) Chandler: I kinda like it here. This is like— Oh my, this is like my second favorite game!

I practically spent my entire childhood at the arcade! Monica: Well I-I really don’t remember the name of it. Monica: Well, you just—you put a quarter in and y’know pull-pull some handles and win like a candy bar or something. Ross: Professor Newman, the head of the department, so…. Ross: No, I get to teach one of his advanced classes!

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