Push and pull technique dating

You might be able to lie to her but you won’t be able to lie to yourself.If you try it anyway, your self-perception and your self-confidence will suffer along the way.Women are naturally attracted to men who don’t care about what other people think of them.Besides displaying honesty and self-confidence the direct approach has another benefit that a lot of men simply neglect. You can be the richest man on this planet, but all your money won’t prevent you from dying one day.

The last thing I want is to participate in this war of indirect vs. Nevertheless, I see it as my responsibility to show you the way of approaching that works the best for me and to protect you from theories that are total bollox.

She might have smiled while she gave you tips for the birthday present for your imaginary sister, but the fact that she has a boyfriend motivated her to put you in the friend zone. If you would have approached her in a direct way she would have known that you are sexually interested in her.

She didn’t know that you were sexually interested in her. She could have mentioned her boyfriend while thanking you for making her day.

In the meantime to approach a girl who is single and totally into you, instead of wasting your time with a girl who is not interested in you.

Now you know that the direct approach is the way to go.

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