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For web-scenarios, we specifically worked on the performance of the HTML source editor - especially with cases involving large HTML documents or slower machines.Below are a few specific changes we made in SP1 to improve performance in this area: 1) We tuned the performance of the HTML Validation feature (to learn more about this feature read this old post of mine).Hi, I bind a Property Grid to a pretty complex object generated by Linq2SQL. Further let the Property Grid autogenerate the properties.Now I have two Problems - this[string Column Name] never gets called.Note that if you use error messages that do not prevent the entry of incorrect values (Warning or Information), you can identify invalid data in your document by displaying validation circles.The Spreadsheet allows you to highlight invalid values entered into validated cells.Validation of large documents now happens faster, and will not impact typing or updates as much (whereas previously validation would sometimes cause a slight stutter if you were typing in HTML source editing mode while the document was still in the process of validating).2) We fixed a scenario where if you turn off HTML validation, and then work on a page that has a bad HTML validation error, and then switch into WYSIWYG design mode, validation is automatically turned back on for you to help you identify the error.

Last not least I implemented "Is Valid" like in the following snippet.Data validation settings are located on the Data tab in the Data Tools group.To configure data validation settings, use the Data Validation dialog, which can be invoked by clicking the Data Validation button and selecting the Data Validation item in the drop-down menu. , which represents a descriptive message explaining what values can be entered into validated cells.I further know that I could decorate my object with attributes - but the reason to use your Property Grid is that the object is large (a lot of properties) and I don't want to define all these things.And it would be hard without touching the Linq2Sql autogenerated code.

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