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If you're a celebrity and a popular one at that, chances are you have been linked to your co-stars, industry friends several times more often than not.

Same goes for the superstar of the millennium, Shah Rukh Khan as well.

She is a little girl who started her Miss India crowning with me or Miss World crowning with me, I don't remember.

We have shared some of the nicest moments on-screen, off it as friends and it's unfortunate.

It's extremely unfortunate and sad for me to think that a friendship gets a little soiled." On being asked if it has affected his friendship with Priyanka, Khan says, "Not at all.

However, once Gauri apparently got the whiff of their relationship, she made sure to cut off all ties with Priyanka and even got her excluded from their friend circle.

Years later, in an interview with Dirty Laundry, Priyanka spilled the beans on her ex-boyfriend, which hinted directly at SRK.

In the interview, Chopra spoke about how she was still using her ex-boyfriend's hoodie and has feelings attached to it. Shah Rukh Khan had earlier been spotted wearing the same hoodie at different occasions.

But I guess the beautiful occasion, plus the fact that Pee Cee is now Mrs Jonas, must have prompted Shah Rukh’s innately gentlemanly nature to zip out of his heart.”Shah Rukh and Priyanka starred opposite each other in Don and Don 2, but have since been very evasive in talking about each other.

While Shah Rukh said that when he heard about his Om Shanti Om co-star Deepika Padukone’s wedding, he ‘called Deepika and wanted to hug her’, when he was asked about Priyanka’s wedding, he joked, “Even I am getting married. I will send you the card for the reception and also, do come for the mehendi.”The actor quoted in the Deccan Chronicle report said that Priyanka introduced Shah Rukh to her husband.

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