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You have to judge people because of their substance not because of their superficiality.

It is truth that better looking people have it easier in this world, so if you want to pick on someone, pick on really attractive people, because they don’t have to work as hard as you or me — they just show up and smile.

I was told, however, that attractive people also have to deal with difficulty.

Here’s a list (provided by a reader of my blog): Harassment is not a joke. I have had friends in the past that I did not want to cut ties with.

I’m sorry if you’re really beautiful and watching this, I don’t mean to pick on you.

The media dubbed the virus "Shrek" after the animated film with an underlying story line of how looks should not matter.

Obviously, guys and girls can be just friends, and just because two people are standing next to each other doesn’t mean they’re dating.

So Gigi was peeved when she saw the reports suggesting the opposite in this case.

Beautiful People regularly hosts events for its members in major cities around the world.

In order to gain entrance to Beautiful events, attendees must look as attractive as they have represented themselves online or they will be turned away by the door screeners, who the media have coined the Beauty Police.

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