Positive dating service

Conversely, they don't You have to pay in order to initiate conversations.If you're a free member, you can only reply to the messages you receive.Most of the functions are immediately available on your homepage so you can easily find anything.The blogs and forums can be intimidating at first, but within minutes of familiarizing yourself, you can quickly navigate your way around.Design-wise, the app stays loyal to the theme set by the website. The more vital features are still in the app, optimized for a mobile experience.However, if you want to look up health resources, talk with a live counselor, find STD care locations, you're gonna have to go to the website.You won't find disheartened people who feel like having an STD is a disability.Quite the opposite; they talk about how STDs aren't "tragedies" that require a big, brave confession. That's why "living with" is repeatedly used in the site and not "suffering from".

You can upload a video that serves as an introduction; you just have to copy the You Tube link.

As an alternative, you can leave a public comment on someone's profile in order to grab their attention and establish a connection.

Positive Singles also offers an email tab that's different from your messages tab.

It serves as a mirror to your email inbox, so you can just check official and promotional emails straight from the Positive Singles website.

Profiles can have up to 26 photos, which can be categorized into a public and private album.

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