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But if I had to just pick an artist to produce for, it’d be .

He’s my favorite artist, because he’s so versatile.

I never sold drugs and never knew anything about drugs when I was in Louisiana. I thought to myself- I’m not going to die living out some rap fantasy, it was crazy. Eventually, if I got to that level of production, cause she does industrial rock n’ roll type music, really heavy synth stuff… I grew up on rock so I feel like its something I’d be involved in.You can’t live in the hood where people live there whole lives, who are born and die there and them not notice you.I got robbed, 2 guys with guns broke into my house while I was there and they robbed me. I weighed a little more then so I had to work out and lose a little weight but I had lost that weight just from being broke in New York trying to figure out what I wanted to do. We were going to do a month here, a month there but we’re married and it would be really stressful. I’ve been stopped on the street for a couple of other things, like , so I’d done a little bit and people were like you should model you have a good face.

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    On Friday, Baccarin’s 38th birthday, they got married in a small ceremony with family and friends.

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    After all, many intersex persons were forced to a gender identity along with medical interventions aiming for genital and bodily normalisation.

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    Other than that, “We’re like everyone else,” she says.“We do want to date and we’re probably more comfortable in our own skin that a lot of people.” The only thing she has to consciously think about sometimes is making sure that she doesn’t have to rely on the person she is dating: “I have worked very hard on becoming independent because I want a lover not a carer.