Plenty more fish in the sea dating site laptopdating com

I signed up for a month after getting a couple of messages and though why not!- As the girls who messaged me weren't drop dead gorgeous and seemed more believable (with photos in various locations).I also noticed nearly al the messages from both girls were ending in '', which I guess is common but just seemed too much of a coincidence.THEN, someone else contacted me, ending in the same '' and I started to get fed up.

I'm no Elephant Man, but two of the ladies were very attrractive, to be honest it would be a first if such ladies would even give me a second look.Having had some sucess on adult friend finder I was looking for somewhere new and different.On reaching the website you really need to sign up for a free account before you can do anything.On adult Friend finder for example it's usually the guys who pay for memberships and the females have free memberships.All this feeling of, "I've just wasted (or £15)" made me reach for the support button and email to ask to cancel my account and get my money back after just 7 minutes. Unfortunalty I got a prompt reply sent to my account saying that as I'd read my messages I wasn't allowed to get my money back although they'd be happy to cancel my paid for account.

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