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In terms of female appearance, long hair was featured over 27% of the time, with detectable evident in just 13.4% of photos.The study also found that muscles were shown 4.5% of the time, while freckles and body piercings were hardly ever evident.To present themselves in a more attractive way and enhance their masculine side, men often attempt to reveal their athletic sides.Additionally, it seems that a love of big cars is something males tend to show off in online profiles.Between ages 45 and 54, men start to present themselves as being laid back or the type to "live it up" a little, with images that feature palm trees, flags, or morning skies in the background.Finally, the study discovered that even at age 55 and over, men illustrate that they still want to continue with a good and healthy lifestyle, with photos of them running marathons or swimming still featured at this age.For example, profile pictures with pickup trucks are extremely popular among certain age groups.

Finally, in the 55-and-over group, food, family, and pets feature more heavily, as well as images indicating a cultured side with photos of museums and art photography.

Dating Scout also speculates that even being considered as a groomsman or a bridesmaid in itself is sending a signal that one is considered important enough by others for such a role.

Around 56% of males appear in weeding photographs compared to 44% women, with these numbers decreasing, as people get older.

Overall, the gender and age differences in profile pictures are consistent with and support what evolutionary psychology says about the ways in which males and females of different ages advertise themselves to the opposite sex.

It is possible of course, that these findings may differ across different dating platforms; future research could tackle this question.

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