Pennsylvania state regulations on dating a patient

It was a general hospital that treated all types of illnesses, including mental illness and as such it was the first institution for the insane in western Pennsylvania.In 1862, the Insane Department at the hospital was moved to a new building outside of Pittsburgh and was named the Western Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane at Dixmont.From that date, it operated under the name Dixmont State Hospital until it closed in July 1984. This series documents all admissions to the Dixmont State Hospital.Information given about each patient includes name, age, color, gender, place of birth, marital status, place of residence and previous register number; dates of current and previous admission, discharge and/or death; how committed; reason for discharge; form of mental disorder; duration and number of attacks; age at first attack; condition at time of discharge; and any remarks.The register also provides information on the date of discharge and the reason (death, restored, improved, not improved); the cause of death; the duration of stay in the hospital; and the names of any relatives who were also diagnosed as insane.Arranged numerically by patient registration number. Although the spine of the volume is labeled as burial plot records, the volume primarily contains information similar to that found in the Male and Female Admission Registers.

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As the primary state agency concerned with the social welfare and financial needs of the citizens of the Commonwealth, the department today provides public assistance, medical assistance, and aid to the handicapped, administers mental health and retardation programs, and provides licensing and inspection of nursing homes, day-care centers, and hospitals.

Data regarding release include date of discharge, type of discharge, time in hospital, by whom removed and remarks.

At the end of the volume is a diagram of burial plots from approximately 1872 through 1937 showing on the grid where each person is buried, the name, and when he or she died.

In 1937 the Department of Public Assistance was established to provide direct cash relief to Pennsylvanians through 67 county boards of assistance during the Great Depression.

In 1953 the supervision of penal and correctional institutions was transferred from the Department of Welfare to the Department of Justice.

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