Pee fetish dating

Suddenly, Mark was pissing all over the cushion right beside Clare, Sarah aiming his dick so that he peed all over it and against the back of the sofa too.And some of it was visibly splashing onto Clare, at which she grinned with glee.One of them is Sharon and Clare, the lesbian couple (well actually they are bisexual, but we kind of think of them as the lesbian couple), two young blonde girls in their mid-20s, both nurses at a private hospital.The other couple are Mark and Sarah, he a bit older than her in his mid 40s, she in her late 30s.The rest of us watched in rapture or chuckled with delight at this sight.Even as James continued to piss, Mark stood and unzipped his fly, and produced his dick, inviting Sarah to hold it for him.My husband James and I have always had a common interest in watersports, which we have known about from the start.You see, we actually met each other on a pee fetish dating site, and as luck would have it not only did we hit it off very quickly, it turned out that we lived in the same city!

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Once James had finished, and Mark too had finished pissing all over Clare and the sofa, Clare stood up and announced to much laughter, including her own, that she had to change out of her wet clothes now, whereupon she stripped naked in front of us all.And as soon as we arrived, the fun started almost immediately.We all entered the living room where my husband James immediately unzipped his trousers, took out his penis, and started pissing all over the living room carpet right in front of us all, grinning with pleasure as he waved his dick around to piss over as much of the carpet as possible.Love to do it in someone else's place too - with their approval, of course - but that has never happened.Anyway, also via pee fetish sites we have met and become close friends with two other couples who share our interests.

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