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EDIT: all spent mushrooms and gold (of course max 10M.) should be paid back to those who donated them. I played in a couple of guilds and most shrooms for upgrades came from several members only.The changes to Treasury and Instructor are big and done without research. Now people will be recruited based on spent shrooms. Same for the catapult…you load it with your own mushrooms. The achievement “Big Spender” will be changed later! Guild fights now cost 100 gold (the player who declares the fight pays the fee) while raids now cost 10k gold (the player who starts the raid pays the fee).Coming up soon we will be rolling out a new layout for the sites.Weve also decided that we are going to honour any existing Zam premium memberships for a while.

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Consequently, it would be expedient to reduce the cost of clicking from 10 to 5 shrooms.

Divide the group skill by 5 to get the percental bonus of the instructor or treasure.

If a player leaves the guild his/her personal points are gone.

hope to see more big updates (like guild pets) in 2019 About the new guild mechanics, I didn't quite understand how that works - will the max upgrades still be 200%?

And you say that the guild donations will be completely removed - but then you mention "by clicking the icon and spending his/her gold and mushrooms." By the way, when can we expect the new dungeon to be live on old servers?

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