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Pauley Perrette used to be the lead singer of the Los Angeles grunge rock band Lo-Ball, which was sort of like Hole meets Orgy. In fact, she has so much ink that she's lost track of her total number of tats. Something simple on the ring finger of her left hand. That's my favorite Bible verse, Romans , which is, 'Don't be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.' That's my favorite one and I look at it every day. A heart shape that used to match a tattoo she got with her then-husband.

A quick search of the band on You Tube kicks up fascinating songs such as "Lipstick & Aspirin" and "Uncomplicated." The band's song "Can't Get Me Down" was also featured on the soundtrack to the 2001 hit movie about her musical ambitions, saying, "I was into music before I was an actor." She also told the magazine about a collaboration she was working on, called Stop Making Friends, with D. Though she may regret that one, Perrette is still adding to her body art collection.

In 2015, she tweeted her thoughts on a new addition — the words "RIGHT NOW" inked onto her wrist.

"To remind me that past and future fears don't matter," she said. In 2011, the actress talked to the United Methodist Church, a place she described as "what God wants Heaven to look like," about her developing faith.

"I've always been obsessed with crime," she said, adding, "Not committing them but solving them." And yet, the actress told she has no regrets about choosing a life of "fighting fake crime," as she phrases it.

"Because I love my job and I am really grateful, but I am still kind of like, 'What? ' It's so weird." We're guessing the pay to fight "fake crime" is far better by comparison, too.

"Absolutely," Perrette said, adding, "I'm proud of it …

When I get hit up on Twitter by extremely bigoted people, or extremely bigoted organizations, I'm so proud of myself because I know that I'm doing the right thing. I would be someone I couldn't, shouldn't be around." Perrette's LGBTQ activism has continued.

"My dad is a firefighter and as are all my cousins, and I am incredibly proud of that.

In 2016, the actress spoke in support of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, noting that its presence in the community creates a safe haven for youth.

In a May 2017 tweet, she declared herself "a loud #LGBT activist" who fights "for ALL being discriminated against." It doesn't get any more clear than that, huh?

"They are our brothers and sisters," the actress told ). Perrette said it's been "enormous and overwhelming" to have inspired such a positive trend.

To help keep it going, the actress set up scholarships at two different colleges where she studied: Valdosta State University in Georgia and New York's John Jay College of Criminal Science.

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