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The ascertainment of the authenticity of this painting has been carried out with scientific tests on the material and through the study of techniques and signs of wear.

In detail: 1) with the spectroscopic dating of the wooden stretcher once proved its originality 2) with stereo microscopic analyses for the study of the painting layer: the drying of the paint binder, the craquelure, the sign left by the stretcher, etc.

Whilst this type of ascertainment is to the dealers advantage, for buyers it could mean the almost total loss of their investment if one day this overemphasis on the signature were considered illogical and mistaken and a more traditional way of attributing art returned to the various component materials of the painting and its support.

Any incompatibility between the measured ages and information on the presumed author reveals to the owner, before he seeks an expert opinion, that he has acquired one of the myriad recent copies in circulation.

The lab offers a full scope of testing to standards from the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), completing the Company’s extensive package testing services in the United States.

The TAPPI testing is complimented by same-site chemical analysis and the Company’s packaging testing capabilities, to assess quality, performance and sustainability of paper and cardboard materials.

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Global Paper Testing Laboratories Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is launching a paper testing facility in its Chicago facility.

Furthermore, when dating tests give negative results, dealers often tend to maintain that it is not the art work that is at fault but the scientific test result, or that the method is unknown.

as originals as long as buyers of art refuse to follow the same line of conduct adopted when acquiring other products, that is to say insisting on a dependable guarantee of the objects authenticity as the condition for its purchase.

In the past, when called on to appraise and attribute a painting, art experts examined only the surface under natural light.

A superficial examination of this kind was sufficient, however, because it was artistic style and technique they were looking fact that today, as in the future, it is often impossible to attribute a work to an author with certainty, induces the thought that current art appraisal methods are all to the advantage of the market.

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