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But the changes are not coming quickly enough for some frustrated visitors, who are going online to ask others for advice on which rides will be able to accommodate them.

Theme Park Insider reader Rachel Crichton expressed her frustration over a trip to Cedar Point.

"I am now on a diet/weight loss program because not fitting onto theme park rides is a pretty big motivator for me." Here is a sample of recent TPI discussion threads about weight issues: Weight restrictions at Busch Gardens Europe Weight limits for coasters at Busch Gardens Europe Size issues at Busch Gardens Tampa? Why are the Theme parks changing the ride systems because people can't control there weight.

Cedar Point Planning for a Big Guy Are there any overweight Cedar Point Riders out there? Question about Kennywood Size limits (Six Flags Great Adventure)Test Seats/Weight Restrictions (Six Flags Great Adventure)Six Flags St. You are not entitled to ride the rides just cause you paid admission, if you don't fit, to bad.

This is a slippery slope, once you start accommodating people on there personal choices it can lead down the wrong path.

I don't care it people are embarrassed to sit in the test seat, that's what there there for. You know, I know that I am heavy, but I do not need a reminder in front of strangers, probably the worst kind of embarassment at a theme park. Also, I am a little heavy, but not morbidly obese and I do not fit too well in some of the roller coasters.

"Perhaps the top fits well on a ride, but the bottom doesn't.

Bigger riders mean tighter fits into roller coaster and other ride seats, particularly on attractions designed a generation ago.

As a result, parks are adding "plus-sized" seats to roller coasters, "test" seats at the beginning of ride queues, and in some cases, rebuilding ride systems entirely.

Some visitors aren't waiting for parks to design new seats and rides, however.

They're using bad experiences with theme park rides as inspiration to make their own changes to, literally, fit in."I had the crappy experience this weekend of not fitting onto the Powder Keg at Silver Dollar City," wrote Theme Park Insider reader Becky Clubbs, on another discussion board thread.

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