Outlook 2016 cached mode not updating shared mailbox dating too nice guy

To fix this, I just turned cached mode off for the affected people and everything was groovy.Now that we are on Office 365, we're having the same problem but turning off cached mode isn't really a viable option since Outlook is extremely sluggish when that's not turned on. Important: When using Outlook with an Office 365 mailbox, we recommend always using Cached Exchange Mode.Cached Exchange Mode enables a better experience when you use an Exchange account.

Although clicking on a secondary mailbox’s folders showed they were in Online Mode with the status bar status of ‘Online’, the ‘Download shared folders’ tickbox was still enabled.The only issue is that in cached mode the secondary mailbox that it has permissions to view shows all it's folders but when clicking on the folders it shows no content.Clicking Update Folder brings the emails down but there are too many folders to do this one by one. If not in cached mode I can see all the emails in every folder.I’ve confirmed this on both CTR and MSI versions of Office 2016.At first I thought nothing of this, as it seemed to be working as intended.

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