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Near present-day Augusta, Georgia, de Soto encountered a mound-building group ruled by a queen, Cofitachequi.

She told him that the mounds within her territory served as the burial places for nobles.

Radiocarbon dating has established the age of the earliest Archaic mound complex in southeastern Louisiana.

One of the two Monte Sano Site mounds, excavated in 1967 before being destroyed for new construction at Baton Rouge, was dated at 6220 BP (plus or minus 140 years).

This practice, believed to be associated with a cosmology that had a cross-cultural appeal, may indicate common cultural antecedents.

The first mound building was an early marker of political and social complexity among the cultures in the Eastern United States.

Both observers noted the high temple mounds which the Natchez had built so that the Great Sun could commune with God, the sun.

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The most famous effigy mound, Serpent Mound in southern Ohio, ranges from 1 to just over 3 ft tall (30–100 cm)., 20 ft (6 m) wide, more than 1,330 ft (405 m) long, and shaped as an undulating serpent.

All of the sites which they identified as located in Kentucky came from the manuscripts of C. The mound-building tradition still existed in the southeast during the mid-16th century.

De Soto observed people living in fortified towns with lofty mounds and plazas, and surmised that many of the mounds served as foundations for priestly temples.

The artist Jacques le Moyne, who had accompanied French settlers to northeastern Florida during the 1560s, likewise noted many Native American groups using existing mounds and constructing others.

He produced a series of watercolor paintings depicting scenes of native life.

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