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Note: Re-installing OS X is typically only necessary when something is seriously wrong with the Mac system software and the computer is not functioning as it should.

Do not attempt to use recovery mode for reinstalling unless you have made a thorough backup of your important files beforehand, doing so without a backup may result in irreversible file loss.

The following settings are available: Turn on Smart Screen Filter to help protect against unsafe websites Smart Screen Filter helps detect phishing (fraudulent) websites. If it determines that a webpage is suspicious, Smart Screen displays a caution message.

Smart Screen Filter also checks the sites you visit against a dynamic list of reported phishing and malicious software sites.

For Macs that do not currently have an operating system found or installed, the option will show as “Install OS X” rather than “Reinstall OS X”.To be clear, we’re going to focus on Internet Recovery here, but there are actually two modes of system recovery; one of which is based on a local Recovery disk partition, and the other which is called Internet Recovery, the latter being triggered if the Mac does not have a Recovery partition found or if booted directly into as shown in this walkthrough.Both of the recovery modes let you re-install OS X, but the version of OS X that is installed onto the Mac will be different depending on the type of recovery mode used.Clear Browser History You can clear your browser history at any time.Here’s how: Using the Web Hub and saving Favorites Press Y to access the Web Hub at any time in the Internet Explorer app.

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