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If you request product information, we may use the information you provide to mail you information you request.We may also use the information we collect for analytic purposes, market research or for marketing purposes, as allowed by law.There was very, very little support from upper management . It was common for them to be 3-5k over what the client needed to bring to closing. Whether it be a underwriting exception, pricing exception or a closing rush, Norcom truly cares about their staff and takes all measures to help their branches succeed.If you were lucky enough to get them on the phone or to respond to your email, they had no idea how to fix the issue. What was worse is that they go off of these overly inflated numbers and would not make the adjustments once you got actual title costs so if your client was running over on their cash to close... you just lost a deal because Norcom doesn't know how the business works. Advice to Management I have been with Norcom as a branch manager for 6 years.

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We recommend that you check the privacy statement of other sites you visit before providing any personal information.Casey stays involved in the industry by constantly staying up to date on changes as well as attending trainings to help her provide the best service to her clients.Her experience as a loan officer and her expertise in products and services that are offered here at Norcom makes helping clients achieve their dreams of owning a home a much easier process.Our Privacy Policy describes the information we collect from and about you during your visit to our web sites and web pages.Our privacy policy also describes how we use information about you, whom we share it with, and how we protect it.

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