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Learn to cook or improve your cooking skills Yoruba woman cooking It will be very difficult for a lady who cannot cook to keep a Yoruba man for so many reasons.

Firstly, Yoruba men don’t like women who can’t cook.

Forget about dating and relationships because you won't need them here!

That's because everyone you meet just wants to get laid.

Be very respectful Respect is something that is taken seriously among the Yoruba people especially when it comes to relationships and marriage.

And not just him alone, you must respect his friends and family which includes his parents, siblings, and extended family members.

You must show him respect in the way you speak to him especially when you are speaking with him in the Yoruba language.

Most Yoruba men cannot stand a woman who is not clean and tidy.

So you must always keep your place clean and tidy when he comes visiting if you are not married yet.

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