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Through its proprietary technology, Exilva, Borregaard is now able to provide high quality Microfibrillar / Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC), from its production plant in Sarpsborg, Norway.In a season 2006-2007 senior it graduates of 1988-89 year of birth made a youth team "Tulpar".Since the beginning of creation of club in selection work the trainer's headquarters sought to invite in the extraordinary players having the "I" capable in a team it is non-standard to play.Therefore, already at the beginning of existence of "Tulpar" in team such players as Sioridze, Rudnitsky, Lermontov, Kravchenko played.In this season the team didn't participate in the Championship of Kazakhstan, but became the winner Championship of the Karaganda province and the cup winner of the Karaganda province −2007.But after the 13th round of the Championship of Kazakhstan the decision to act from the Championship of Kazakhstan, in connection with financial problems of club was made.

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KMF provides microfinance services for micro, small and agro business across coutry, including rural areas.In different years on a prestigious tournament in Kazakhstan "Tulpar's Cup" the strongest collectives from Russia participated: "Spartak Moscow", "Norilsk Nickel", "Dina", "Spartak Shchelkovo", "Tyumen", and also national teams and teams of the CIS countries: "Ekol" (Azerbaijan), national teams of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.But becomes rather original Tulpar team, since 2003 when the Russian legionaries Kuznetsov, Ilnitsky, and later Samokhvalov, Krasilnikov, Konnov and Chudinov, with involvement of the Kazakhstan players of Reshetnikov, Karimov and Erzhanov were invited.Kazakhstan’s highest point, Mount Khan-Tengri (Tien Shan range on the border between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and China, contrasts with the flat or rolling terrain of most of the republic.The western and southwestern parts of the republic are dominated by the low-lying The torrent of the Irtysh River pours some 988 billion cubic feet (28 billion cubic metres) of water annually into the vast West Siberian catchment area.

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