Myeclipse error updating profile

So, deleting the .settings folder would have resolved the Maven error, but I wanted to keep some of my local configuration files.I resolved the conflict, then tried a Maven update again and it worked. Null Pointer Exception at Gae Runtime Gae Runtime(Gae Runtime at'm using STS and the only thing that worked was to go into my STS directory and add a "-clean" to the top of the file.You can then start up your workspace and run maven clean without errors. So if there are any other errors present in any of the other projects in your workspace, try to fix those and then this issue will be gone. I had this same issue across multiple projects and multiple workspaces, none of the solutions I found online worked for me.

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I found a bugreport id=333355 with the same issue but no solution for my case.

Has anybody an idea ho to solve this except of make a clean eclipse installation?

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