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I will encourage my single friends to join and participate.I especially enjoyed the relaxed and low-key atmosphere.I highly recommend the trip and will look forward to another Mexico trip or even a Carribean cruise?It was even better that we had a large group to party and hang out with.All it takes is one lucky encounter with the right person.We are crazy about each other right now and want to spend every moment together.

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In particular I was fortunate enough to meet a very nice Korean female who became a friend and now my current girlfriend! I think its too broad because I am specifically looking to meet Asian men. -- VC - Los Angeles, CA Dear Click2Asia, Thanks to your speed dating event in New York City on Jan. Weve been dating over a month now and just wanted to thank you for holding speed dating events! My Long Island Iced Tea paled in comparison to his mighty cup of Green Tea.Looking forward to the poker tournament this weekend. Justin -- jkim95865 - Sacramento, CA It [cruise] was one of the best times i've ever had.Everybody was really friendly and Denise and Alex did a great job organizing everything. -- nikeguy - Sacramento, CA -- Peter and Colleen - Los Angeles, CA When Peter joined Click2asia, he was just hoping to meet some new people.I've tried and others like it, but nothing compare to you guys. This is my first Click2Asia event and I was quite impressed.Click2is full of real people, and is now my homepage!! This trip had everything a complete vacation should have...

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