My daughters dating a black dude

We spent the evening talking about movies, sports and just about every subject imaginable.

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This is the question that was eating away at me while my mother was giving me the tour of the house. I told her about school and the courses I was taking.

She waited till Jason was outside and ask me "So what do you think? All I could muster was a "He seems nice." My mother lick her lips. I never heard my mother speak or act in the fashion I she is today. It's just that Jason has brought out a side of me I never knew was there." My mother's answer had me thinking. Reading her emails I could tell that she was enjoying being expose to a brand new world. Jessica's emails told me how she was falling in love with Tyrone.

"Oh he is more than nice." My mother said that in a sneaky way. How he made her happy and she even told me about the sex. How her nights were full of screaming, moaning, pillow biting and sex so good her pussy could still feel him after he was done.

Most of the night was spent giggling, tickling and jokes.

I wonder did all of their meals consist of the show I was showing. I have to also admit I felt a little jealous as well.

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