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When Winona Ryder dumps “Mr-Good-on-Paper” Ben Stiller for her scruffy but oh-so-hot BFF Ethan Hawke, it reminds us that although life can be pretty confusing at times, you should always follow your heart. 500 Days of Summer: This quirky romance is about Summer, a young woman who doesn’t believe in falling in love and Tom, the man who falls head over heels for her.What we can learn from it: Dating involves a lot of trial and error. However, all the ups and downs are totally worth it once you meet the right person. When Harry Met Sally: This movie about two best friends who fall in love tackles the classic dating conundrum: can men and women really just be friends and what happens when you cross that line?The story revolves around Celeste (Rashida Jones), a type-A marketing whiz and Jesse (Andy Samberg), a struggling and irresponsible artist. version=3&hl=en_US A divorced masseuse named Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is about to face empty nest syndrome when her teenage daughter heads off to college.They’ve been best friends since the tenth grade, got married and are now trying to maintain their friendship while they divorce and start seeing other people. When Jesse does finally start seeing someone new, they struggle to figure out how to stay in each other’s lives. She crosses paths with Albert (James Gandolfini), a fellow empty nester and a relationship starts to blossom — only, he’s the ex-husband of one of her clients, who thinks nothing of going off on tangents about him, causing Eva to question Albert’s place in her life.She confesses in suffering from insomnia, but shows signs of more serious depression that we become only aware of later on.

However, in the end love prevails – proving that even if your backgrounds are different, you can still fall in love and make it work. Love Jones: When Darius (Lorenz Tate) and Nina (Nia Long) meet it’s love at first sight.The movie deals with the woman willing yet indifferent to indulge in physical relationship with her professional senior.Ethics, morals, feelings, love show up and are turned down.that you should just be yourself and be true to your feelings) is timeless. You’ve Got Mail: Two business rivals hate each other in person but unknowingly fall for each other online.The lesson here: when it comes to dating, there’s usually more than meets the eye – both online and off – and sometimes people will pleasantly surprise us. Reality Bites: This movie about a bunch of recent college graduates living and looking for love in Houston is another favourite from the 90’s that still rings true.

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