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It usually appears as Pennywise the Dancing Clown before taking the form of whatever its child victim most greatly fears.

Trypanophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles.

The movie, (which I saw when I was in probably third grade,) got to me somewhat, and in particular it affected my feeling around sink drains in the bathroom. My grandma's funny though because she actually enjoys the *pop* noise when she squishes a spider between her fingers.

I wouldn't say I've ever been afraid of clowns, but apparently I cried at a circus when about four or five when a clown tried to interact with me. lol I'm similar in that I like the crunch from squishing ants, (only when they're in the house, mind you.) Isn't it wonderful the way some scary movies not only explore fears, but can very successfully GIVE you them?? lol And about what chelsea hindschick wrote: it sounds to me like a demonic vision.

The JAWS movies that came out in the 70s and 80s did a good job of scaring every 9 year old out of the ocean for a good decade or two. So both are so EXTREMELY unlikely to be a threat to you that to fear them over something like driving a car or doing just about anything else in your daily life is completely irrational... This also extended to bath drain pipes - I still get the heebie-geebies when the water draining out makes that horrid sucking/squealing noise!

I have to close my eyes to scroll down this thread for fear of catching Pennywise's stare...

I thankfully was able to send the demon that bothered me and my sister packing through Christ, (no, I'm not a nut, no matter how this sounds to you,) and I think chelsea's trauma can be conquered by learning the truth about the unseen world and the utter weakness that demons have before God.

To this day i still believe she had another"sighting". and we did discuss this together but only when we were both under Hypnosis, carefully monitered by Dr Sheiltong 4 years after incident. I forgot to say that Lixia prior to jumping gouged one of her eyes out with her own gold painted fingernails!!

We both saw a bright red and black bearded fangless spider driving a golf buggy on fire whilst laughing in a human way and eating rotting transparent bullfrogs that had been placed on cream coloured swivel seats. Swineophobia, the fear of swine/pigs I'm getting better with pigs, but pig masks send me through the roof.

I write this here for the benefit of not only her but of all who read her post.

Anyone reading what I've now written can contact me by email at [email protected], as some may wish.

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