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Rarely have I experienced such a wake-up call as I did when taking part in a recent GRI certification training event in London.

I was expecting a session focusing on scrutinising the details of the different GRI Standards.

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After a 25 year career in which she provided finance, treasury, investor relations and executive communications guidance to some of Silicon Valley's most visible CEOs and CFOs, she is now living her dream of helping the world capture the NOW of life's important moments.

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There are always more pages than guests, and the book generally ends up in a drawer somewhere, and you never look at it again. You already know who was supposed to be there and where they live. An instant photo guest book, on the other hand, IS something you'll look at again (and again, and again) because it captures more than names. It captures the spirit of the celebration from the perspective of your guests.

After all, you had some sort of spreadsheet or fancy website with a relational database capability or in my day a recipe box filled with 3" x 5" index cards on which the names and addresses of the guests had been lovingly typed by my mother with a manual typewriter. The instant photo guest book is about the fun of the party, the spontaneous poses, faces, smiles, the personality, the heart of the event as seen from your guests eyes and hearts to the pages of your guest book.

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Sure, there's the signature mat, the wish bowl, the ceramic platter, the wish tree, all kinds of ways to capture the guests at the wedding.The photos slide into the die cuts in each of the pages – no tape or glue or photo corners needed. Let's be honest...you're not going to get a professional grade photo with the Polaroid picture. You're going to get an INSTANT photo that is fun, that you get to take with you as soon as the event is over.There are instances of Polaroid photos that were taken in the 1960's that are still around and in good shape today.And if you’re doing a Polaroid version, you still see the ugly white border.If you value your time at all, it could more than make up for the buck or two you saved in the cost of the materials AND the finished product can look “homemade” unless you’re really, REALLY talented creatively (I mean REALLY! This product was designed specifically to be an instant photo guest book.

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