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He also explained other sources of water to look for, including the most basic one, bringing your own. Next we got some basic first aid training to treat common injuries like cuts, broken arms, and burn wounds.

That they wore their uniforms so proudly, and prayed with such fervor. We were blessed to have one benefactor, who was so touched by the children that she made a donation so the children could all receive a vial of Holy Oil from the shrine.But in their eyes, I saw that flame of the old Faith which once was the soul of Europe and the light of the world.You can’t imagine the thrill of seeing it once again…even if only in the eyes of little children.The meeting wrapped up with our prayers in the chapel lead by our sixers, and the final Circle.As we got ready to leave for the night, the Exlporers took it upon themselves to start practicing camp songs for our camp in June!

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