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He is probably wearing a naked body suit during most of the scenes, I don't get the obsession with flaccid cocks on the big screen these days, it's 2019 ffs; show us hard cock/penetration. Over Deleted Nude Scene It was the scene that got the chop from "For the Love of the Game" ... but KC tells TMZ Sports the fact his junk hit the…When he did Killer Joe there was big hype about him showing peen.

You couldn't see anything from the angle it was filmed.

If it’s R rated [targeted], you can basically do anything. This is the thing with a penis (holds out hand with fingers curled, and slowly flattens his palm), it’s like R, R, R, R, NC-17. If you want to flop, you flop left to right, not up and down. The Incredibly Strange Rules The MPAA Has About Penises, According To Nicholas Stoller Anyone who follows movies with any kind of regularity knows that the MPAA has some oddly specific qualifications when it comes to rating theatrically released films.

For example, it turns out that they have some very strange rules when it comes to penises – from how they are allowed to be moved around on screen to when and how they can be shown as being… excited.

What a sad life to live and it shows just how emotionally fragile some big movie stars are.[QUOTE] It's all hype, like back when Brandon Routh was Superman and there were stories about how the costumers could barely hide his enormous bulge.

There used to be more shots of Routh on the motion capture stage in this outfit that clearly showed he was just like everybody else."The director chose not to do it."Well, la-de-fucking-da! Meanwhile, I imagine he'll be sporting the latest in big and tasteful prosthetics.

: DMatthew Mc Conaughey Nude and Chained - Male Celebs Blog Sweet Lord there’s a fire!

Matthew Mc Conaughey is chained up and naked, just what we like to see. The best of the bunch in his age group (Di Caprio, Damon, Affleck, Clooney, etc.). But he doesn't seem like a networker like they are or in with the In Crowd which probably limits the choice of roles he gets.

SJP starred as a beautiful charmer who specialises in getting guys to move out of their parent's house and in with her. The guy who witnessed it said as Mc Conaughey finished his slash he turned toward him in a drunken stupor still holding his penis as his posse stood round, and uttered these inimitable words, "you see that boy, that's a movie star cock".[quoite]I just saw “Serenity” and there is no full frontal. Because once you've won an Emmy, you're no longer capable of delivering a subsequent year's best performance? I still say JM Vincent's showall in B&B dwarfs all others by a country mile.

Mc Conaughey had a full-frontal moment by accident during shooting of Magic Mike.

He was dancing at the end of the stage in front of a crowd of excited women.

He is on top of the world right now and seems to have a nude scene included in every one of his movies. He's very eccentric and odd which Americans hate but Brits love which probably explains why he seems to work more with Brit directors like Steven Knight.

More Nude Male Celebs Here His face changed partially after the weight loss and regain but also because he's reached an age where the aging process increases (sometimes drastically) every year. R106 he didn't have a Southern accent in White Boy Rick or Gold or the voiceover in Sing. In fact when he drops the East Texas accent, he sounds just like Clooney.

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