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My Sweet Greens MN is an urban farm-to-table grower located in Zumbrota, Minnesota. We’ve been told, we need to write our story, to share and engage with our customers and market.Our story: Two people tired of working day jobs, want to exit the corporate world, and get back to what’s real, what has meaning, what feeds our family, and our soul. We met in 2014 and began dating, knowing we were both serious about finding a life partner.These were fun to stay connected with customers one-on-one each month.Summer markets are starting in a couple of weeks, and that will launch a very busy summer.

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We have enhanced our product lines with additional microgreen varieties and some salad greens. of 2018 we started stocking microgreens at the Barlow Plaza Hy-Vee in Rochester.As we grew our trial microgreens, experimenting with flats, seeding protocols, lighting, temperatures, Jayne began bringing in harvest samples to the Executive Chef where she worked.He would look them over, taste, compare with what he’d been buying from the local commercial produce vendor and share what he was looking for. I want to stop buying from the commercial vendor.” Our first customer!You Tube videos on composting, organic growing, soil composition, planting methods, watering methods, seeds and seed sprouting – microgreens kept coming to the forefront.We realized we could grow microgreens inside, in our heated garage, and maybe those could become the “seedlings” of a new business.

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