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Canadian Instituta for HIatorloal MIororaproduotiona / Inatltut Canadian da miororaproductiona hiatoriquaa U i J^ Technical and Bibliographic Notas/Notas tachniquaa at bibiiooraphiquaa Tha Instituta has attamptad to obtain tha bast original copy availabia for filming. Red pines, some of them of fair dimensions, red cedar and small poplars occupy it, and if any passer by wore to draw an inference from the prevailing timber which, in such situations, meets the eye, he would at once form the opinion that the land was compara- tively worthless.mala, lorsqua cela Atait t ^ssibla, ces pages n'ont pas At* film Aas. ;, Ji i i ll' :\:iij\ \]' i| 34 The President of the Council has the honor to submit the annexed list, marked Schedule A, which contains the names of the parties composing the expedition to Red River, as organized in the month of July last, with the rates of pay, which, on consul- tation with the Commissioner of Public Works and the Commis- sioner of Crown Lands, were provided for the different members of the party. No formal minute in Council having been made, sanctioning the rates mentioned, the President suggests that a minute in Council be now passed accordingly to avoid confusion. The day upon which it rested was often exposed by the steep banks of numerous sluggish streams which cut the plateau to nearly the level of Rainy River, and evidently form channels by which the swamps in the rear are drained. On the north, or British side, the valley of Rainy River is of variable breadth; behind Fort Francis it is bounded by a swamp, distant from the fort about half a mile. Dawson's observa- tions have enabled me to form a definite idea of its geology, and to furnish a tolerably accurate view of its extent and capabilities.

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The separation of these plateaux is a very important item in the description of the topography and general characteristics of Rainy River.a D D n izi D D D n Coloured pages/ Pagea da couleur Pages damaged/ Pages endommag Aas Pages restored and/or laminated/ Pages restaur Aas et/ou pallicul Aaa Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ Pages d Aeolor Aas, taohet Aas ou piqu Aes Pages detached/ Pages d Atach Aas Showthrough/ Transparence Quality of print varies/ Qualit A In Agala de I'impression Includes supplementary material/ Comprand du mat Arlal suppl Amanta Ira Only edition available/ Saule Adition disponlble Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, tissues, etc., have bean rafllmed to ensure the best possible image/ Lea pagea totalement ou partlallamant obscurcles par un feulllet d'arrata, una pelure. the steep )Iateau to annels by \rhen hij;;h upon tho » \r} show 41 the relation of the several parts of the valley of Rainy River to one another : The following extracts from my journal will convey a more correct impression of the country than a brief description. ***** Dined about twelve miles below Fort Francis, on a high bank destitute of trees, which had pro- bably been destroyed long ago by the Indians or by fire.etc., ont At A fllm Aas A nouveau de fa^on A obtenir la mellleura image possible. Nu- merous items of interest, however, are necessarily omitted here, which will appear in the general report to be furnished when I return to Toronto. The ground is covered by the richest profusion of rose bushes, wood- bine, convolvulus in bloom, Jerusalem artichoke just beginning to flower, and vetches of the largest dimensions. Behind the lowest plateau, and often almost imperceptibly rising from it, a second plateau occurs, elevated above the first from fifteen to thirty feet ; occa^ionally both plateaux come upon the river together in one bold bluflf, often forty feet in altitude, and again the lower plateau is sometimes found to occupy the bank without the higher one in the rear, being visible from a oanoe. , capped with loam and sand^ or rich alluvial deposits.

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