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A “factory” that specializes in turning abducted women into subservient pleasure slaves is running an online auction. , forced nudity scenes from a 1996-2003 Ukrainian series “Roksolana” (Roxelana).

Despite the usage of the word “slave”, the video below is very mild, without turning violent at any point. All three scenes portray different stages of slave trading in the 16th century: in the first one, a captive Slavic girl (Nastya, played by Olga Sumskaya) is appraised by the companion of her initial buyer who bought her directly from the Crimean Tatar raiders who had abducted the girl from her home village; in the second, she is once again appraised, but by a much more sophisticated slave trader who sends her to a special school; and the third scene is the Ottoman slave market itself, where we can see different girls being demonstrated to potential buyers, but Nastya is purposely kept completely covered to withhold her from common buyers, with an intent to sell her to someone really affluent… COM exclusive version, despite being 3 seconds shorter than the version circulated on other sites (I cut some irrelevant stuff, like the sale of male slaves; no female nudity has been left behind), has English subtitles and more stripping / nudity, in particular the first two appraisal scenes and the stripping of the last slave, after the trader’s polite refusal to sell Nastya.

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