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If you’re looking for an adults-only guidebook on sexy slang, you can pick up “NSFW” and learn all the sexty messages and brash acronyms you’ll ever need to know.

“These books can serve as a fun inspiration to keep the conversation going,” Erin said.

“NSFW” is a naughty list of all the sexy terms she’s collected in the last 20 years.

“NSFW” is definitely “not suitable for work.” It includes sexual endearments, crude humor, profanity, and references to drugs and alcohol.

“Plus, people have an easier time being sexy by text — it’s a new way of flirting.

Online daters get to learn a new way of creatively expressing sweet nothings to their love interests.” The Net Lingo database has grown tremendously thanks to user submissions.

Erin’s latest book, “NSFW: The Little Black Book of Acronyms,” focuses on defining the flirty terms that are most relevant to modern singles.

Its list of naughty abbreviations is a helpful guide for anyone attempting to woo a date online.

For instance, people who go to school or work from home may not have heard of a HIPPO, which stands for “highest paid person in the office.” It’s fun to read through this list and guess what complex abbreviations like Wo Mo Bi Jo (working mother with a big job) and 142n8ly (unforunately) mean.

The raunchy, playful content in “NSFW” appeals to daters interested in sexting properly, while “Texting Terms” appeals to parents who want to understand what their kids are saying. “NSFW” makes for a great gag gift or conversation starter at a party, while “Texting Terms” is more of a practical guidebook for the modern word nerd.

“These slim, coffee-table books are great for anyone who loves to spend time online,” Erin said.

Net Lingo now boasts the largest list of texting acronyms and sees over 3 million pageviews a year.

Erin has embraced the nickname “Net Lingo Girl” and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and “The Martha Stewart Show” to discuss how technology impacts how we communicate and relate to one another.

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