Libra woman dating cancer man Discrete video chat

He will take the garbage out, fix that wobbly shelf, navigate on road trips, and kill bugs for his partner, and most important of all he will do it all without being asked.His loyalty and keen attention to the needs and wants of his lover make the Crab one of the best partners of the zodiac.Thrifty and shrewd describes the Cancer man when it comes to financial matters.Investments will be solid and made to generate long-term earnings over short-term gain.He is sensual and loves the effects of light on rippling water. Draw a warm bath, scatter some rose petals, and light a few candles — your Cancer lover will appreciate the effort.

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Highly intuitive, a Cancer man can often guess at what others are thinking or feeling.Always polite and a little worldly, this sign is the epitome of old-school gentlemanly manners.Chivalry comes as second nature to these traditionalists.Give him a backyard barbeque with friends and family to put him right in his element.The Cancer man may often find himself daydreaming about the past and spending far too much time wondering about what could have been.

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