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As we commemorate the latest milestone in the life of Derek Jeter (the Yankees captain turns 40 on Thursday), we also take a stroll through the future Hall of Famer's perhaps most eye-popping list. And in typical Jeter fashion, neither side ever confirmed.No, not the Cy Young winners he has taken deep, nor the near-3,400 hits he has compiled in his career. We'll save those for the Sabermetricians and Cooperstown voters. The Indian-born Dutta had quite the 2000, being crowned Miss Universe and hooking up with Jeter, reportedly for a year-long romance. Like some others on this list, Jeter's tango with the Cuban-born model was never confirmed.That’s a long route for someone who did his first film way back in 2001 and had a tryst with modeldom. “My journey up until now has been less than fruitful in terms of monetary gains and I maintain that I still struggle and go knocking at the entrance to every director’s project when I see something there for me,” he states.The Bhutanese actor seems to have consciously stayed away from the spotlight — not being seen at every film party over the years. The relationship is brief, as are any substantiations on the seriousness of the affair. Throughout his career, Jeter has been a much better second-half hitter (sporting a career .299 batting average before July 1, .323 after). A year after Jeter and Lima did New York, the Pinstriper reportedly turned to perhaps the most famous Angel of them all in Banks.

She was there for the 2009 World Series championship season.Let me also say, that if you have to sound correct, Lara took away my old friend Dino from me.I cannot comment on the meaninglessness of nine years because in so many years, one must cease to see the other as an angel and rather the human side of us, be not just acknowledged, but suddenly dealt with without judgment,” he explains.The two denied they were more than just friends at the time, but the singer would years later fess up to the romance, which reportedly stretched into 1998. After dating Mariah Carey and a future acting star, he cuddles up with an actress who was singing back-up to Carey. Like the Jeter-Enriquez tryst, this one between the actress and the ball player is indeed fast (not sure about the furious, though), reportedly lasting well under a year, one of Jeter's shortest relationships. Indeed, this is different, as the two stay together into 2005, and are seen out together regularly. Jeter nabbed another top-shelf movie star in Jessica Biel in late 2006.Enriquez at the time was trying to make a name in TV (with a bit role on '7th Heaven') and the Carey back-up gig. then-Ranger / future Yankee teammate Alex Rodriguez. Reports are, however, that the relationship ends when Jeter grows uncomfortable with the increased publicity of the relationship and Minnillo's growing public image. The starlet got her start on the TV show '7th Heaven' and has been a staple on the big screen ever since.

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