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Like always we will all have our own experiences and make our own impressions.

We assume most guys reading this are foreign men since we are writing in English, at the end of the post we will give some travel tips for tourists and expats.

You can head to the Podil area where there are many smaller bars around if you want to party with locals who aren’t after the tourist dollars.

If you have some drinks in you it makes approaching a lot easier, and it certainly increases your odds of hooking up if they have some drinks in them as well. We will go more in depth on this in the travel section, but lets just say if you go out where most tourists party you are going to be around many gold diggers, sugar babies looking for sugar daddies in Kiev, or even flat out prostitutes.

During the summer the beach is the draw, the rest of the year it is downtown.

Like we said at the start this city has a really high ceiling, it also has a pretty low floor.

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