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After much of the same sort of research, he, too, calculated the possible position of a planet that could be held responsible.Leverrier sent his work to Galle, a great German as- tronomer.There were those who held that the laws of Newton and Kepler, under which the path of Uranus had been calculated, were at fault.Two young students set to work on the problem independently, without any knowledge of the effort's of the other. Adams worked on the assumption that there was an eighth planet beyond Uranus which was the cause of the perturbations in the orbit of Uranus.Literally thousands of photographs were studied before a faint disk was seen to have moved slightly among the stars in plates taken at some time apart. The size of Pluto is one of the many mys- teries of astronomy.The announcement of the discovery was made in 1930. Pluto was discovered as a result of perturbations in the orbit of Uranus and Neptune.Uranus rotates upon its axis in 10 hours, 48 minutes. The other pole and the other side would be toward the Sun during the other 42 years. Uranus, like Jupiter and Saturn, has a deep atmosphere made up mainly of hydrogen plus certain other elements, such as methane, which are able to retain their gaseous properties at a temperature of 305° F. Uranus also resembles the two giant planets in its internal composition. They all move about Uranus in the plane of the planet's equator, and because of the strange position of Uranus, the satellite system of Uranus presents itself edge on to our view every 42 years.

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Leverrier, in France, was of the same opinion as Adams about the cause of JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE AND PLUTO 67 Uranus' wanderings.

In a large telescope, some faint cloud bands may be seen, but these are much less distinct than those visible on either Jupiter or Saturn. Hence, it spends about 7 years before each of the 12 zodiacal constellations. Neptune was the first planet to be discovered mathematically.

At this time, it is before the stars of Virgo, the Virgin, where it will remain for some years. Perturbations in the orbit of Uranus caused astronomers to believe that some outside force was influencing the regular progress of the planet.

The satellites of Uranus have been named from Shakespeare and 66 JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE AND PLUTO Alexander Pope. Uranus is too faint to be well seen without a telescope.

"Titania" and "Oberon" are from A Midsummer Night's Dream; "Ariel" from The Tempest; "Umbriel" from The Rape of the Lock and "Miranda" from The Tempest. Through a small telescope, Uranus presents a vague greenish disk. Uranus takes about 84 years to make one circuit of the Sun.

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