Is post dating a check ilegal

That said, if a post dated check is dropped in the night deposit or ATM machine we really have no choice but to process it.

It is technically illegal to write a post dated check. Though it is illegal in some states to request someone to write you a (or many) post dated checks to guarantee payment.

The check is not legal tender until the date on the check.

For that matter, it is not illegal to write a post dated check in any country I cant share about every bank but i know that is a post dated check is presented at the bank i work at we will not honor it.

However, legally, some jurisdictions have laws that allow the negotiation of post-dated checks under the premise that the payee should be able to collect immediately when given a check.

That certainly sounds like fraudulent intent to me.

Most people tend to make out post dated check because they do not have enough money in their account at the time the check is made out. Usually, a person writes a check like that because the money is not in the account yet. Writing a post-date check is perfectly legal anywhere in the world. A check can be submitted for encashing only on or after the date mentioned on the check has reached.

Until the check's date has reached, it is a worthless piece of paper that has no value.

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