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Nobody interested in making good money would dump that much gold all at once. I think these flash crashes are irrefutable evidence of price suppression. Jelle Zijlstra—the former president of the Netherlands’ central bank, who simultaneously served as president of the BIS—wrote in his memoirs that the gold price has always been suppressed at the behest of the United States through international action. dollar as the world reserve currency, and if not the dollar, then the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) special drawing rights (SDR). Mooney asked the Fed and Treasury to identify which markets they’re secretly trading in, and to explain the purposes of this trading.Are there any public records that point to all of this? There’s all sorts of material in the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve archives about gold price suppression being U. You can go back to the years of the London gold pool in the 1960s, where the control of the gold price through international action was a matter of public record, operating through the Bank of England (Bo E). government policy is to drive gold out of the world’s financial system and prevent European governments from remonetizing the metal in any way. The most compelling evidence, I believe, are letters sent by Representative Alex Mooney of West Virginia to the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department and U. Fed Chair Jerome Powell essentially refused to answer the question, as did the Treasury.

Cameron said that after being released from the stadium, he and his friend walked for more than an hour to the apartment where they were staying as police warned against taking trains.In response to the joyous news, Irwin’s mother, Terri, tweeted, “Best day ever! Those attacks claimed the lives of 129 people and injured over 350 more.Chandler asked and beautiful @Bindi Irwin said yes. Cameron described what he saw in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times saying, “It felt like it shook me to the bone…They have a rule never to put a critical question to any central bank about anything. It’s being attempted by alternate news agencies and research organizations, but you can’t get an answer.That’s a good indication, I believe, that central banks are doing things they don’t want the markets to know about.

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