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All have their ups and downs, but all present possible advantages to shooting in DNG; namely better fine detail, and better control over highlight retention and rolloff (the point at which bright parts of the scene clip all the way to solid white).

While viewing angles aren't super impressive, just about everything else is; color, resolution, and contrast.

Apple has claimed removal of the headphone jack has made this easier, but Samsung's Galaxy S8 retains the headphone jack, The i Phone X has been built with an IP67 water-and-dust resistance rating, which basically means dust should never get in the phone, and it'll hold out water for 30 minutes when fully submerged up to 1m/~3.3 feet (Apple would obviously prefers that you don't test this out, though).

The front and back of the phone are made of high-strength glass, and this permits wireless charging at the cost of a very slippery exterior that won't play nicely with concrete, should the two encounter each other at high speed.

The i Phone X is Apple's most capable - and most expensive - i Phone yet.

Good thing, then, that it's absolutely packed with the latest in smartphone imaging technology, and is capable of extremely impressive results.

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