Interracial dating realtionship advice

(Just because you have a friend who is similar in culture to you partner, do not assume you know everything about his/her culture.

I’m a white woman (ethnically French/Celtic), and my husband is a man of Chinese ancestry.

There is a great deal of diversity within a culture.

Some people may "look" ethnic but, may not identify with that ethnic group.

Among the topics we had to discuss were things like: This is all stuff you need to talk about.

Are there particular holidays at which attendance is not optional?

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    At least here you can get as wild as you want without any unwanted repercussions later.

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    If you stay with this guy, you will never have true love, but you will have a very broken heart.

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    (Spoiler alert: I wasn’t.) Introducing him to your family won’t be easy.